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Positively Stand Out

Every action has a reaction! Use positive statements and comments as it really matters what people hear. Your words are your smile in your voice when you write and say them and your positives & smiles will deliver you the reactions you are seeking. 

Think about it, you are marketing, in a sales opportunity, a staff meeting, with family & friends, with your local group, etc; you would much prefer to have a positive conversation, a positive outcome rather than the opposite reaction which is negatives like an argument and generally the feeling of dissatisfaction from everyone.

See how you go with improving negative comments and words with positive ones when you're dealing with others as it's a golden rule of thumb.

On your next email, post, in a meeting see how many examples you can find, try reviewing the last few emails you sent, the post you did, you're general conversations, and you will be surprised just how natural it can be and how simple it is to improve.

There are...

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Business Judo® - System 1357™

Welcome to an introduction to Business Judo® - Scotty

Business Judo® - The art of using your other's strengths to win.

Business Judo® -  When you use leverage to succeed.

Business Judo® - Creating win/win situations!

Business Judo® - Turning disadvantages into advantages!

Yes, all this and more, and if you help enough people to succeed, so will you!

Business Judo® needs to be a part of your DNA, get a black belt in maximising situations and opportunities.


Business Judo® and Collaboration

Collaboration works, people are in business to succeed, whom can you work with and who can you form an alliance with.

Ask yourself questions like….

  1. Who else is in my industry that I can work with.
  2. Are there other industries similar to mine that I can
  3. How can I help them grow their business and mine?

Example: A realtor and finance agency.

Example: A fitness gym and health food store.

Reality: As a website designer, in the...

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