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"Here is a mentor and advisor who is simply brilliant to work with. For Scotty Schindler, helping others achieve business success is all about helping them to craft their own approach which builds on their strengths - in other words - what works best for them. And because of his vast experience and success in business he can provide advice and options with regards to how to deal with those difficult situations that arise from time to time. If you want an advisor or mentor, or even an outstanding keynote speaker - you can't go past Scotty."

Professor Gary Martin FAIM FACE
Chief Executive Officer, PERTH AIM WA

"I use to hate sales, even up until a few weeks ago, I hated everything about it. In comes, Scotty and his System 1357™ covering growth techniques you wish you knew yesterday. He's not kidding! I wish I had this course last year when I started making my first sales. Scotty helped me reframe those stories and see the opportunities for what they are. Less than a week in, I'm able to send emails about my services that I would've sat on for days otherwise! Thank you, Scotty!"

Olga Kirshenbaum - New York
Rags to Riches - Owner

"It took 10mins for my mind to be blown and my perspective around my business to completely change with Scotty's Business of Thirds and Four Levels of the Mind. It took only an hour for me to now adapt, and use these concepts in my thinking and to reiterate to others."

Simona Galimberti
Founder : Voice Within Magazine

"Scotty presented a fabulous 1 hour sales masterclass to our business group and I learned so much about the psychology of selling in such a short space of time. I would highly recommend doing training with him and would love to do something more in depth in the future as I only got a small taste!"

Victoria McGrane
Creative Director and Founder at The Scenic Route

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