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What system do you follow for sales, leadership, or business?

Does your business depend on you or some other highly skilled people? Then it’s going to be very difficult to manage, scale, or sell.

Highly skilled people are at a premium and when your business is dependent on yourself or any highly skilled person, then you have the business without any redundancy strategy. Every successful person we meet agrees that we need to create the very best systems for team members that can be leveraged to produce consistent results, with or without you. In other words, you shift your business to where results are systems-based rather than a single-person dependency.

You want to build your business on systems, not people who pass through your business. Systems can be duplicated, cloned, sped up, or slowed down.

And yes, great people are essential as they bring your systems to life. And to confirm, a checklist is not really a system, nor is an employee handbook or training videos. These are great however these are job or product knowledge, not systems, and there is a difference.

And yes again, great product knowledge is essential too, but the result is that many people may do their jobs well, but don’t do any more than they need. And for ordinary people to go the extra mile, your sales, leadership and business systems are absolutely necessary.

This is why business owners who don’t follow systems like System 1357® are constantly searching for the answer to how to build, retain, or motivate their team.

Then use System 1357®… How?

  1. Join System 1357® and watch the videos, it’s free for you too.
  2. Buy the books and read about street smart systems that anyone can use, you will love them too.
  3. Or reach out and book some 1-1 or group coaching for you or your business.

Let me know how you go.

Scotty Schindler

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